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5 Quick & Easy Steps to Downloading Your Strong Movement Strong Girl Guides Purchases On Your Tablet & Phone

1. CREATE: Create an Adobe ID & Password if you don’t already have one. Write it down/store it for use with all Strong Movement eBook Downloads.  https://accounts.adobe.com/

2. INSTALL: For a Mobile Tablet or Phone

Install one of the many Adobe DRM compatible eBook reader apps. We like: (choose one)

Bluefire Reader (free on iOS and Android) DL Reader (free on iOS and Android)

3. DOWNLOAD: Tap on the download link in your email or Thank You Page after checkout to start downloading your .ascm file. This is file type allows for a secure download.

4. OPEN: Open the .ascm file you just downloaded with the app you installed in step 2. When prompted to authorize your mobile device, enter your Adobe ID and Password.

5. ENJOY: Your eBook content will instantly be delivered to your mobile device, so you can start reading immediately, even if you go offline.

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